You will receive 5 keys for the apartment. 1st key is the main gate to urbanization which also has a digital lock (number will be provided) but the key does override the digital lock so it is not necessary to input number every time. 2nd key is for the cast iron gate to apartment. 3rd key is for the front door. 4th and 5th keys are for the cast iron gates onto the terrace from the front room and bedroom. (the gates to the terrace should be unlocked from the terrace side as lock to the inside is hard to reach and a bit stiff) 

The remote control for the sky TV buttons seems to not work when left for long periods of time but will start working after some use.   

You will find 4 number sun beds and a small table on the terrace (all marked with the number 43) which can be left around the pool or on the grass opposite terrace during your stay. On your departure could you please put all furniture back on the terrace and turn off all electrical appliances and leave fridge, dishwasher and washing machine doors open.  

In main bedroom linen basket you will find beach towels for your use and bathroom towels if not already hanging on rails.

If you have used sun tan cream when round the pool can you please use brown throws when using settee in apartment as can stain leather.

Be careful when using basin in en-suit as when the water pressure to high it can sometimes come over edge of basin.

The kitchen is fitted with a water filter for drinking and can you please fill kettle from filter tap as prevents scalling.

Their is a communal toilet by the pool.

When going into town from the apartment you can either park at bottom of the hill and walk into town as Marbella town is not the easiest place to park, or walk down the hill from the apartment which takes about 15 min and get a cab back approximate cost 8 Euros.

Changing the gas bottle for hot water. 

Turn of boiler with valve under boiler. Full gas bottles have an orange plastic cap over valve.

Remove orange plastic cap from full gas bottle.
To remove empty gas bottle with orange pipe coming from right flick small black lever on top of blue cap to the left.
Pull black ring at bottom of blue cap up towards top with fingers keeping palms of hands on top of blue cap.
 This should release cap from empty bottle.
To connect full bottle reverse procedure.